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Founded in 2010, SMG Yazılım ve Danışmanlık LTD. ŞTİ. It is a software house that shares the solutions it produces with its customers with the strength of its more than 20 years of industry experience.

SMG Software and Consultancy Ltd. Ltd. What makes us different is that, beyond software development, we analyze your business processes, help you find the most suitable solution for your business, and produce solutions that will enable you to switch to a more suitable system when necessary.

To date, it has successfully implemented nearly 100 projects in many sectors, especially in Furniture, Mold Production, Project Contracting, Merchandising and Retail, Warehouse and Logistics and Sheet Metal Processing, and many project software and applications are currently ongoing. It continues to employ technology and personnel for new projects, as well as R&D studies and special software development.

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Smg Software with Numbers

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Integrated Business Portal
Business Information Portal

With our innovative interface structure, which we call Business Information Portal, we make the vertical solution needs of businesses manageable from a single platform.


Our Highlights

Company-Specific Development

IBP is a solution platform developed in accordance with business processes analyzed for each company's own needs.

Practical and Easy to Use

Her şirketin kullanım amaçlarına ve alışkanlıklarına göre tasarım ve geliştirme yapılacağından sizin için en pratik ve kullanıcı dostu ekranlarla çalışılacaktır.

Real Time and Economical

It is also the most economical solution that does not require a license and installation. Since it works online with the ERP used, all information is real-time.

All Information Under One Roof

Information in dispersed and different databases can be easily accessed, analyzes with reports to be prepared increase efficiency, and healthy traceability is ensured.

We Develop the Future

We shed light on the future with our innovative and functional products, which have R&D status in the Technology Development Zone, and we are happy to serve the most important and well-established industrial organizations of our country...

Low Code

with its technology

simple and understandable software architecture.

Sector Independent

Thanks to its structure, it has a flexible structure that can be adapted from production to trade, from service to financial institutions...

One Solution

Access from Sales to Purchasing, from Production to Warehouse and Shipment processes, from Production to Quality from anywhere under one roof....


Tüm Cihazlarla Uyumlu

Tüm cihazlarla uyumlu ve ergonomik ekran mimarisi

Etkin Raporlama

Devextreme'in akıcı yapısı ile kullanıcı bazlı yetkin ve verimli raporlama araçları

Our solutions

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IBP Field Sales

Solve all your sales processes with IBP with simple screens. Contact us for your sales processes with ERP Integration and its structure compatible with all devices...

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IBP Sales Management

Yalın ekranlar ile tüm satış süreçlerinizi IBP ile çözün. ERP Entegrasyonu ve tüm cihazlara uyumlu yapısı ile satış süreçleriniz için bizimle iletişime geçin...


IBP Production Monitoring

Manage all production processes under one roof by collecting data from production with IBP MES, with its lean interface, ERP integration and customizable infrastructure specific to your company.


IBP Quality Management

Digitalize your quality processes with IBP Quality Management with Erp Integration, flexible and adaptable structure, and simple interface.


IBP Purchasing Management

Move your processes digitally with ERP integration and Mobile application supported IBP Purchasing Management!



The Product Information system is a product configurator that automatically creates the recipe processes for all your products in the variant structure and prevents unnecessary stock formation.


IBP Warehouse Management

Move your warehouse processes digitally with ERP integration and Mobile application supported IBP Warehouse Management!


IBP Logistics Management

ERP entegrasyonu ve Mobil uygulama destekli IBP Depo Yönetimi ile Depo süreçlerinizi dijitale taşıyın!


IBP Production Planning

Manage the entire process from raw material planning to production planning with IBP with ERP integration

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IBP Employee Management

Move your employees' leave processes digitally with IBP Employee Management, supported by a mobile application that runs in the cloud and does not require installation!

IBP ile Neler Kazanırsınız?

IBP is a Smart Business Solution that gives you speed, efficiency and time in your digital transformation journey and allows you to manage all your business processes more effectively.

Efficiency, Quality and Performance Increase in Business Processes

Paperless Business Processes

Instant Data Collection from the Field

Access Information from Anywhere

All Business Processes Under One Roof

Yetki ve Yetkinlik Kontrolü

Success Stories

While managing all our business processes under one roof with the portal, the ability to develop them for our specific needs made Smg solutions unique for us.

Reşit Pulice

Izmir Mold

Information Technologies Manager

We have made all our processes manageable thanks to the Business Information Portal, with the unique solutions they offer us for all our needs as well as their sectoral information.

Vedat İlkkaya


IT Team Leader

We quickly achieved results with the solution suggestions regarding ERP integration and financial transfers.

Özde Özcan

Aegean Money Investment

Operations manager

It was an ideal solution for us with its structure designed to meet all the needs of the sector and its structure that includes all your business partners and employees into the system.

Fethi Erinöz

Erinöz A.ş




Muradiye Mah. Celal Bayar University Campus Technology Development Zone No:22 Yunusemre – MANİSA

0232 347 93 43

Gönderdiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz!

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